Masane amaha witchblade 849987f564b591267dfc76a4ae8b2b97
Origins: Witchblade (anime)

Classification: Human, Witchblade wielder

Threat level: Tiger, Demon+ via selfdestruction

Physical strength: Large building level striking

Destructive capacity: City block+, city+ via self destruction (Masane's body is a weak host for the Witchblade, thus her body structure started falling rapidly till the point the Witchblade's power destabilizes and bursts out in an explosion, taking Masane with it)

Durability: City block+

Speed: Hypersonic (could avoid gatling gun fire)

Intelligence: Below average. Masane is quite the klutz, however when using the Witchblade she becomes an efficient killing machine.

Stamina: High. Simply using the Witchblade places great stress on the body, thus Masane not only using it but also standing beatings while doing so gives testimony of her great stamina.

Standard equipment: The Witchblade