Origins: Trash.

Classification: Human hitman

Threat level: Wolf-

Physical strength: Superhuman+ striking (Backed by her body modified to hold carbon steel, she is much harder in her limbs and jaw making her capable of delivering superhuman assaults capable of ripping through a human body. Strong enough to tear a normal human in half with her francisca axes. Smashed Bronco Mask hard enough to crack a wall.)

Destructive capacity: Wall with her axes

Durability: Wall (is the muscle of the Bullet-Francisca duo, specially durable in her limbs and jaw)

Speed: At least peak human+ (most people fail to react to her, even expert assassins), her axes obviously reach superhuman speeds when thrown

Intelligence: Average. Although apparently dumb its mostly due her lack of proper education and somewhat "innocent" nature. She is an experienced and efficient assassin.

Stamina: High. Can continue fighting even if wounded.

Standard equipment: 2 Multi-material weapon axes (foldable axe with the properties of both a battle axe and a francisca) 


Marin's modified axes

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