Origins: One Piece

Alias/Aka: Phoenix Marco

Classification: Human pirate, Devil fruit user (Zoan type, phoenix man)

Threat level: Dragon+

Age: Unknown, around 40

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Ate a Zoan type Devil Fruit which allows him to transform into a mythical Pheonix, whose flames cover his entire body and heals or Regenerate any wound recieved immidiately and grants him Pseudo-Intangibility, Flight, Armament Haki boosts his offensive as well as defensive capability and enables him to harm other logia fruit users

Physical strength: At least Island+ striking (Able to trade blows with Kizaru, blocked an attack from Akainu, also split Aokiji's Ice Saber in two with a single kick)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least Island+, likely higher (Strongest Whitebeard commander, superior to the likes of Ace and Vista. Could briefly contend with the likes of Kizaru and Akainu)

Durability: At least Island+, likely higher (Can take attacks from Admirals). Immortality and Regeneration makes him harder to kill

Speed: At least Massively hypersonic+, likely higher (Flew from the back of Whitebeard and intercepted Kizaru's lasers)

Intelligence: Very high. Whitebeard pirates second-in-command.

Stamina: Extremely high, given he is a top tier in One Piece. Took several lasers from Kizaru (His healing or regeneration ability was not active here due to seastone handcuffs) and was still seen standing without showing any signs of fatigue. Infact he intercepted and briefly fought Akainu after this. Also should be above Fellow commander Ace whom fought for 5 days straight without any breaks. Furthermore his phoenix properties aide him in this via immortality and regeneration.

Range: At least several tens of meters

Standard equipment: None notable