Origins: Mahou Shoujo(Puella Magi) Madoka Magica

Classification: Human, Mahou shoujo (Puella Magi)

Threat level: Demon-

Physical strength: Superhuman, likely large building level striking (should scale to Sayaka and Kyoko)

Destructive capacity: Town+ (Her Tiro Finale made a huge explosion which destroyed a portion of a large city in Rebellion)

Durability: City block+

Speed: At least hypersonic+ (can react to gun shots at point blank range)

Intelligence: High. Is a very experienced Pella Magi, implied to be the best of the girls in her prime (this obviously not taking into account boosts for the girls which ascended them above Puella Magi). Also normally a calm and collected individual with good analyzation and insight, such as demonstrated when she anticipated Homura thus managing to trick, trap and learn more of her intentions all at once.

Stamina: Very high. A Puella Magi's soul resides in her soul gem, thus the damage to their bodies is of little actual meaning.

Standard equipment: Soul gem, rifles, ribbon (she can magically create massive amounts of rifles and ribbons)


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