Origins: Kill La Kill

Classification: Human, Goku uniform user

Threat level: Demon

Physical strength: Town level striking (With a single punch she made a large crater in her fight with Ryuko. Knocked backed a large building sized combat specialized lifefiber with a punch.)

Destructive capacity: Town

Durability: Town

Speed: High hypersonic+ (could keep up with Nui clones)

Intelligence: Normally low. Mako is often labeled an underchiever. Is an airhead often distracted in childish delusions. However she has shown to be average to high given enough concentration on her part, such as managing the labors of the fighting club while she was president or her competence in battle while using her Goku uniform.

Stamina: High. Extremely energetic, could help highly energy consuming machinery run by providing it herself.

Standard equipment: Fight club goku uniform (which stores multiple weapons in it such as a bat and brass knucles), usually shown also carrying other miscelaneous items


Mako punch

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