Origins: Naruto

Classification: Human, ninja, Juubi Jinchuuriki (former)

Threat level: Maoh+, Likely God-

Physical strength: At least Mountain level striking (his perfect Susano'o wrecked mountains with shockwaves, his one eyed Rikudo form overwhelmed 7 gate Guy) || Island level striking (Kurama was stated to destroy mountains with his tails alone by Narrator), higher with Majestic Attire Susano'o || At least Country+ (Stronger than Obito)

Destructive capacity: Island+ with Susano'o || Country with Kurama, higher with Majestic attire Susano'o || At least continent+ (considerably more powerful than Rikudo Obito), Likely Moon, possible Small Planet (Hagoromo stated Madara was close to his level of power even before Madara absorbed the Shinju tree and got his second Rinnengan as well as the Rinne-Sharingan)

Durability: At least Island+ with Susanoo. Regeneration and Immortality makes him harder to kill || Country with Kurama, higher with Majestic Attire Susano'o || At least continent+ in Rikudo form (Survived Guy's Night Moth even in his one eyed Rikudo form, even stronger in his full power Rikudo form. Regeneration makes him harder to keep down.), Likely Moon

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic+ || Massively Hypersonic+ (On par with Hashirama Senju) || At least massively hypersonic+, likely sub-relativistic (even his one eyed Rikudo form could react to 8 gates Guy.), Likely Relativistic (Fought on par with war arc Naruto and Sasuke), Possiby Light Speed attacks (Light fang was stated to move at the speed of light in the databooks)

Intelligence: Genius. One of the greatest genius in the history of the Uchiha. One of the most feared figures in ninja history, rival of Hashirama and a candidate for Hokage in his era (wasnt chosen however due to being viewed as a power hungry tyrant). Manipulated a good deal of the events of the story behind the scenes, years before they even happened as hes dead by the time the series starts.

Stamina: Very high. Even before obtaining the Juubi he could fight for an entire day straight vs Hashirama.

Standard equipment: Gunbai (his large fan like weapon), kama (scythe), shuriken, kunai, katana

Keys: Edo Tensei || Alive || Rikudo Form

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