Origins: Raqiya

Alias/aka: Luna Hazuki, Eleleth, Anima Mundi

Classification: Human, alien hybrid

Threat level: Maoh-

Physical strength: At least human for Luna, for her crosses it depends on the amount and their speed (with enough of them she can lifewipe in an overkill fashion)

Destructive capacity: Building+ with casual power, continent with a single large cross, at least continent+ with all the crosses

Durability: High human physically, her small crosses can shield atbleastuilding+ damage, her large crosses are at least continent (can survive their own fall at massive speeds)

Speed: Hypersonic+ attacks and reactions (her crosses act as a shield), relativistic travel

Intelligence: High. Was an outstanding student. Likely much higher thanahumanss Eleleth/Anima Mundi.

Stamina: High. Could continue standing after getting her chest stabbed by the Lance of Longinus.

Standard equipment: Multiple giant crosses formed by trillions of small crosses

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