Origins: Fairy Tail

Classification: Human wizard

Threat level: Wolf by herself, Demon- with Celestial spirit summons

Physical strength: At least high human by herself, drastically higher depending on Celestial summon, up to large building with Taurus

Destructive capacity: Street level by herself, large building to multi city block+ depending on Golden key Celestial summon, city with Celestial Spirit King

Durability: At least large building+ in base, up to multi city block+ depending on Celestial summon

Speed: At least supersonic+ reactions, likely higher considering her current tier in the series. Her Celestial summons speed vary but are all at least superhuman+

Intelligence: High. One of the smarter members of the Fairy Tail guild, usually having to rely on some level of strategy since shes commonly outmatched in raw power. Was able to keep an effective system of tracking the guild members based solely on hearsay and reports despite also being busy with her work at the time as a journalist and model.

Stamina: High. Has withstood heavy physical punishment which would impede most humans from continuing to fight.

Standard equipment: Her Celestial spirit keys, Fleuve d'étoiles (whip)

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