"Hater's great, Best Villain!!
- Lord Hater over everything he doesn't like (especially wonder)

Origins: Wander Over Yonder

Lord Hater

"Lord Hater, Number 1 Superstar!!

Alias/Aka: The Greatest In the Galaxy

Classification: Lich, Galactic Conqueror, Number #1 Superstar

Threat level: God+ on his own, Nova+ with his starship

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: Super-Human strength, Speed, Electricity Manipulation, Energy Blasts, Teleportation

Physical strength: At least Multi-Continent+ (punched a guy through a planet and out of space while panicking and focused on other things)

Destructive capacity: Planet+ By Scaling (Major Threat can destroy planets with his telekinesis, Hater has been stated by the creators to be on par with the superior Lord Dominator), Star+ level with his ship (Ordered his second in command to shoot down a sun)

Durability: Planet+, although it's occasionally lowered by slapstick

Speed: At least relativistic+ (can keep up but is ultimately slower than Wander and Sylva, who travel across the galaxy, literally run circles all over a planet several times to chase after Wander)

Intelligence: Not Impressive. Emotionally unstable, obsessive, childish, arrogant, the creator of the story compared him to a seven year old brat.

Stamina: Very High (took on pretty much every villain of the series besides himself and even if tired held his own against Lord Dominator )

Weaknesses: His childish temper, Nervous Around girls

Lord Hater's Dance

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