"Dominator's greater! Best Villain!
- All the villains bowing down before Dominator after their defeat in "The Battle Royale"

Origins: Wander Over Yonder

Uncropped Season 2 Poster

The Greater Hater

Alias/Aka: The True Greatest In the Galaxy, Dee

Classification: Galactic Conqueror

Threat level: God+, higher with spaceship

Age: Unknown

Powers and abilities: Super-Human strength, Speed, Lava Manipulation, Limited shapeshifting to armor

Physical strength: At least Planet+ (Punched the ground so hard almost every villain, including Emperor Awesome who had surved being punched through a planet into space was sucked in and quickly knocked out)

Destructive capacity: Planet+ By Scaling ( On par with Lord Hater, superior to Major threat)

Durability: Planet+ with armor, at least city+ wtihout (can easily survive the heat of Lava)

Speed: At least relativistic+ by scaling

Intelligence: Incredibly savy about story conventions and character archetypes, employs technology far above anyone else in the series. Quickly used Lord Hater's flaws and Wander's attitude to get a drop on them, being one of the few to pull one over Yonger. Consistently potrayed as the most competent villain by far, to the point of having defeated single handedly all the villains of the series in a single episode, despite knowing the "Ring of Invicibility" was actually a candy ring for kids. Lord Dominator was specifically stated by the creator to be a superior fighter than Hater.

Stamina: Very High, able to outlast Hater

Weaknesses: Needs some focus before putting on a 'game face', otherwise acts far more comedically (see below Dominator's behaviour when not dealing with Wander or Hater). No other particular weakness known


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