Origins: OnePunch-Man

Classification: Alien conqueror

Threat level: Maoh+

Powers and abilities: Super strength, speed and durability, energy projection, flight, transformation, regeneration, energy sensing.

Physical strength: Country level striking (punched Saitama all the way to the moon in what took at most a few seconds)

Destructive capacity: Life wiper, at least multi continent, possibly higher (allegedly capable of destroying the entire surface of planet Earth)

Durability: At least continent (took several casual hits from Saitama, regeneration makes him harder to keep down)

Speed: Likely sub-relativistic+ (somewhat kept up with casual Saitama, punched him to the moon in what was at most a few seconds)

Intelligence: Likely genius. Although his intellect wasnt displayed in its true value it is very likely that Boros is a genius. A natural prodigy whom dedicated himself to travelling around the galaxy conquering planets. This further hints at him having a genius intellect as he had to command a ship with alien technology much more advanced than our own.

Stamina: Very high. Meteoritic burst which is the technique he uses to elevate his physical stats beyond his limits drains his stamina much quicker, similar to anaerobic exercise as described by himself. However his stamina is so high that he literally got ripped apart while using this technique and still reformed. Regenerating also burns through his stamina.

Standard equipment: Armor used to seal his "all-too-mighty power"

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