Origins: Bleach


Alias: Lille Barro, "The X-axis"

Classification: Quincy, Stern Ritter Schutzstaffel (Elite guard), Stern Ritter "X", Trascendental (higher dimensional spiritual being)

Threat level: Dragon

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: Spacial Intangibility, Erasure in a straight line, (pseudo) Teleportation, Luminescence, Regeneration, Flight, Energy Blasts, Omnidirectional Destructive Wave, Master Sniper.

Physical strength: City+ striking (via scaling, X-Axis ignores conventional durability at least up to an extent) 

Destructive capacity: Country (via scaling, X-Axis ignores conventional durability at least up to an extent)

Durability: Island+

Speed: At least massively Hypersonic, likely relativistic for his "light" techniques (blitzed Kyoraku with said type of techniques, rained down from Soul King's Palace to Soul Society in a short timeframe)

Intelligence: Very high. Not only is he a master sniper and apparently an experienced combatant, he is also very analytical, showing himself capable of keeping up with the games of Shunsui Kyoraku's shikai after a usage or two.

Stamina: Very high. Can easily continue fighting even with injuries like stabs. Even higher in his "God" form where he can pretty much reform even if cut in half.

Standard Equipment: Reishi rifle 

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