Origins: Star Wars (Episode VII: The Force Awakens)
  • Note that this profile covers only new canon and Kylo only scales from that, however he potentially is or will be much stronger

Classification: Knight of Ren

Threat level: Tiger

Physical strength: Peak human+, wall+ with Force amp, at least city block potency with Lightsaber

Destructive capacity: At least wall+ with The Force, at least city block potency with lightsaber

Durability: Likely building (survived a killshot from a Wookie bowcaster)

Speed: At least hypersonic, likely sub-relativistic (Can react to blaster shots)

Intelligence: Above average, has decent knowledge of The Force due to being taught by Luke and Snoke.

Stamina: Very high. Was able to fight Finn and Rey despite being shot by the Wookie bowcaster moments earlier.

Standard equipment: Crossguard lightsaber

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