Origins: Mahou Tsukai Kurohime

Classification: Human, Witch

Threat level: Cub || Wolf+ || Maoh || God

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, matter manipulation, time manipulation, water manipulation, ice manipulation, air manipulation, fire manipulation, earth manipulation, Resurrection, healing, soul manipulation, soul absorption, transformation

Physical strength: Human (Considerably strong for a small child) || At least City block using hulk bullet || At least multi-continent striking (Was able to physically match Yashahime and can reinforce her strength with the water spirit king's armor) || Multi-continent

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Human || At least City block using hulk bullet, likely multi-city block || At least Multi-continent (Can use all of the spirit kings powers that should at least scale to a casual and weakened Yamatohime that was able to create a sun) || Large planet (Was able to split the planet in half using the ultimate sword)

Durability: Human || City block with hulk bullet || Multi-continent (Was able to trade blows with Dark Rei and Yashahime. Fought off several gods)

Speed: Below human speed || At least supersonic, likely supersonic+ combat and reaction speed (Could react to several bullets many times) || At least hypersonic+ combat speed with Massively hypersonic reactions (Should be able to react to her own bullets) || At least hypersonic+ combat speed with Massively hypersonic reactions and sub-relativistic attack speed via Ultimate Sword extension (The ultimate sword extended at sub relativistic speeds)

Intelligence: Genius. Is the best magic user on the planet being a threat to even the Gods. Obviously a battle genius with a hefty amount of combat experience.

Stamina: Very high.

Range: Several meters || At least several hundreds of meters || Several kilometers || Planetary

Standard equipment: Senryu || Senryu and the ultimate sword || Senryu and the ultimate sword || The ultimate sword

Keys: Himeko || Momohime || Pre-Yamato absorption Kurohime || Post-Yamato absorption Kurohime