Origins: Bleach

Classification: Human (deceased, now a "plus" spirit), Fullbringer, Substitute Shinigami

Threat level: Dragon-

Age: Likely in his early 30's

Gender: Male

Physical strength: At least town+ level striking (could clash swords with a casual Fullbring-bankai Ichigo whom was stronger than his previous power as a shinigami and whom was tossing around Quilge Opie w/Ayon absorbed with little to no difficulty)

Destructive capacity: At least city (One of the strongest beings in the series up to The Lost Shinigami arc, as a normal Fullbringer he was comparable to Tsukishima whom kept up in combat with Byakuya and with Fullbringer Ichigo whom was stated to be near the powers he had as a shinigami. Stronger than Fullbring-shikai Ichigo.)

Durability: City (Via scaling, could take blows from Fullbring-shikai Ichigo)

Speed: High hypersonic+ (In Fullbring-shikai he could allegedly keep a conversation with Ichigo while deflecting all of Uryu's attacks with 1 hand. In this form he also kept up with Fullbring-shikai Ichigo and in Fullbring-bankai he also somewhat kept up with Fullbring-bankai Ichigo.)

Intelligence: High. A fighter with a good deal of experience. Greatly calculating and manipulative.

Stamina: High. Above average human.

Standard Equipment: Substitute Shinigami Badge, His Fullbring (Cross of Scafold)

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