Origins: Deathtopia

Alias: Suzune Kouro and Hibiki Kouro

Classification: Human, cheaters

Threat level: Wolf

Physical strength: Superhuman striking (Can damage tree trunks by launching their yo-yo's at them and can even slice trees with their yo-yo strings)

Destructive capacity: Wall (Have shredded thick trees with their yo-yo string)

Durability: Superhuman

Speed: Faster than the eye (Can bullet time given enough distance)

Intelligence: Very high. Expert assassins whom managed to hide their crimes even while being celebrities. Possibly tactical geniuses as they prepared multiple traps before hand that would of granted them success over the anti-cheater force had there not been multiple unforeseen circumstances. Also good at improvization and experts in teamwork.

Stamina: High.

Standard equipment: Yo-yo's with special ultra fine string made of metallic alloys

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