Origins: Avatar (Legend of Korra)

Classification: Human, Avatar (Bender of all elements and balance of the physical and spiritual worlds)

Threat level: Tiger, Demon in Astral form

Physical strength: Superhuman striking, her bendings striking should be comparable to her dc, at least multi block striking in Astral form

Destructive capacity: City block, Town+ in Avatar state, likely mountain in Astral form (Kuvira's cannon could obliterate chunks off mountains and it was powered merely by pieces of spirit vines, Korra's astral form should hold more power than that)

Durability: City block, likely town+ with shields in Avatar state, likely mountain in Astral form

Speed: At least supersonic+

Intelligence: Average. Somewhat hot heated, but is a talented combatant.

Stamina: High.

Standard equipment: Often with her polar bear dog Naga