Kill la kill is the story of Ryuko Matoi, who is searching for the murderer of her father. Her only clue being a giant half scissor, her quest brings Ryuko to Honnouji academy where Satsuki Kyruin reigns as its queen. Ryuko quickly faces the might of the "goku uniforms", uniforms compossed of a special material called life fibers which grant superhuman power and thus she is forced to flee. After retreating she goes back to her fathers place where she falls and encounters a peculiar sailor uniform which wants to be wore by her and forces himself on her. Ryuko returns to the school and fights again, but this time with a power even greater than that of a goku uniform: a kamui. Ryuko with her kamui "Senketsu" which for some odd reason leaves her dressed in a fashion that leaves little to the the imagination faces her opponent and easily triumphs this time around.

With Mako Mankanshoku as her only friend can Ryuko stand up to Satsuki Kiryuin and her followers to uncover the truth of her fathers death? Ryuko becomes involved in a fight on a much higher scale than she would've of ever thought...

Kill la Kill OST - Blumenkranz04:20

Kill la Kill OST - Blumenkranz

Just one of the most awesome OST's in anime history.


As a verse Kill la kill has a decent amount of power. Goku uniforms go from 1 to 3 stars, 1 stars being 10% life fiber, 2 stars 20% and 3 stars 30%. The more life fiber the more power a uniform grants, and thus the kamui's (godcloth's) are far more powerful than any other, being 100% life fiber. The low tiers of the verse are nothing of consideration, but the higher tiers are quite powerful easily reaching city levels and hypersonic+ speeds. Ragyo and Senketsu-Kisaragi Ryuko is where the real threat of this verse lies tho, with them easily reaching MHS speeds and firepower on much higher tier than anyone else in the verse. (Sadly there arent much clear feats regarding exactly how powerful they are)

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