Gantz c0301 - p01-02utopia
Origins: Gantz

Classification: Human, "Gantzster"

Threat level: Tiger-

  • It is worth noting that these stats are due to wearing a Gantz suit, without it he's a normal human

Physical strength: At least building+ level striking (even an old man equipped with the Gantz suit could throw a baby brontosaurus)

Destructive capacity: At least building (although Gantz guns ignore durability to an extent)

Durability: Large building

Speed: Supersonic

Intelligence: High. An extremely skilled Gantzster whom quickly adapted to the game, managing to survive even 2 games without suit and becoming one of the best players known in the series.

Stamina: High. However if his Gantz suit burns out (which can happen from over use) he's back to around normal or above average human standards. Managed to take out a boss with his last attack even if after nearly half his body was ripped off, including part of his head.

Standard equipment: Gantz suit (only usable by him), Gantz gun, Gantz sword