Origins: Ju-On / The Grudge

Classification: Curse/Onryō (Vengeful Spirit)

Threat level: Demon

Physical strength: Street+ (Able to tear and break a boy apart like a rag doll)

Destructive capacity: Street+ (Doesn't focus on destruction, capable of spatial and dimensional BFR), life wiper over time

Durability: Can't be damaged through most conventional means due to being a spirit (Setting her house on fire which is where Kayako was originally confined merely unleashed her upon the world and even a ritual involving Kayako's sister failed as Kayako merely inhabited her sisters body)

Speed: Possibly nigh omnipresent (Able to appear in different dimensions, realities and times)

Intelligence: High

Stamina: Limitless

Standard equipment: Her son Toshio and their pet cat whom are part of the curse


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