Origins: Paladin

Classification: Human, Paladin (Chosen of the Sacred Beast)

Threat level: Dragon+

Physical strength: Wall+, Sacred beast is likely island (lifted what was a mountain+ amount chunk of ground and flew with it high into the atmosphere)

Destructive capacity: Island

Durability: At least building, Sacred beast is likely island

Speed: At least massively hypersonic+ (is superior to any Paladin shown in-series whom send signals to there Sacred Beasts in orbit whom in exchange give them power or launch attacks which reaches back to the planet in seconds at most. Launched his own attack after a Paladin's Sacred Beast attack was already flying in his direction)

Intelligence: High. Directed and survived a war, crafty and apt at mostly anything hes proposed himself to do. Obviously has a great amount of experience in combat.

Standard equipment: Sword usually or some other weapon like axe or spear, he is profficient with more than 1 type of weapon and uses whatever is at hand