Karin coloured by omar dogan

Origins: Street Fighter

Classification: Human

Threat level: Demon-

Physical strength: At least multi block+ striking (Single-handedly stopped a stampede of fifty wild bulls at age 14, can trade blows with F.A.N.G and Ken)

Destructive capacity: Town+

Durability: Town+ (Can take hits from Ken and F.A.N.G)

Speed: At least supersonic+ (Can keep up with Ken and F.A.N.G, can punch hard enough to create tornadoes)

Intelligence: At least very high, a prodigy. Passed all tasks given by her father and even far surpassed his performances in them. Is the head of a large Japanese business conglomerate. Master at seduction (Was given the task of charming at minimum 5,000 of the world's gentlemen by her father which she passed).

Stamina: High. Her first test given by her father was when she was 9, where she was taken to the woods with meager food and water; she had to come home safely or else she'd be disowned (her father struggled two weeks to accomplish this when he was her age, but Karin polished the trial off in 4 days).

Standard equipment: None.