Origins: Naruto

Alias/Aka(also known as): Copy Ninja Kakashi, Kakashi of the Sharingan

Classification: Human ninja

Threat level: Demon+

  • At least Dragon+ with Rikudo Dual Sharingan, but this was only a temporary power boost

Physical strength: At least large building+ via scaling || Higher with Rikudo Dual Sharingan || At least island+ with Perfect Susano'o via scaling

Destructive capacity: Town level, Kamui ignores durability (although he loses this after the 4th Great Ninja War) || At least Island+ with Rikudo Dual Sharingan || At least country with Perfect Susano'o, Kamui Shuriken and Kamui Raikiri also negates durability.

Durability: Town (Should scale around the Kage's seeing as he was considered a Kage candidate before the Kage summit and eventually did become Hokage) || Likely island+ with Rikudo Dual Sharingan || At least country with Perfect Susano'o (Kamui's selective intangibility makes him hard to hit however)

Speed: At least massively hypersonic || At least sub relativistic (Could keep up with Kaguya, was a great asset in the team tactic involving Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura)

Intelligence: Genius. A prodigy since his youth much similarly to Itachi or Sasuke, he became a jonin at a record age of 12. A greatly experienced shinobi with plenty of missions of all kind and combat to his merit. Due to his natural genius and experience he is effectively a combat genius, clearly one of the brightest minds of his verse constantly showing his great intellect in combat. Talented enough to be a Kage based solely on his talent alone, and not due to political leverage like some others.

Stamina: High. His Rikudo Dual Sharingan however should only last a few minutes as its only the chakra of Rikudo Obito infused with his own and Obito was already parting from this world when he did this.

Standard equipment: Ninja headband, kunai, shuriken, explosive seals

Key: Base || Rikudo Dual Sharingan || Perfect Susano'o