Kagura Cover 331
Origins: Fairy Tail

Classification: Human mage

Threat level: Demon

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and reflexes, Gravity Manipulation, Magic user, Swordsmanship

Physical strength: Town+ level (The air pressure from her slashes can do multi block level damage, has gotten stronger since then)

Destructive capacity: Town+

Durability: Town+ (Took one of Minerva's strongest spells with barely any damage, has gotten stronger since then)

Speed: Hypersonic+ (Was overwhelming Erza till plot armor kicked in, has gotten stronger since then)

Intelligence: High. Mermaid heel's ace, a prodigy warrior.

Stamina: High (Fought Erza and Minerva, taking some of their attacks and holding the upper hand.)

Range: Several Hundred meters

Weakness: None notable

Standard equipment: Her sword Archenemy

Noteworthy Techniques and Abilities:

Kagura utilizes a unique swordplay, seeing as to perform her attacks, she doesn't even have to unsheathe her blade as she employs the Style of the Undrawn Long Sword, which allows her to slash enemies with a still sheathed weapon, something which amazed even a seasoned swords-woman such as Erza Scarlet.

  • Slashing Form: Kagura lunges at her opponent with her sword prepared to strike and slashes at a very high speed. This pose increases Kagura's slashing power, allowing her to cut through Erza's Adamantine Armor, which has been capable of blocking a blast from Jupiter.
  • Strong Form: Kagura adapts a stabbing stance while coming at the target. This pose increases the impact power of her sword. The force of the impact is strong enough to destroy the ground.
  • Gravity Change: Kagura can change the gravity at her will

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