Origins: Bleach

Classification: Quincy, Quincy King's (Yhwach's) other half, Stern Ritter Grand Master, Stern Ritter "B"

Threat level: Maoh

Physical: At least island level striking

Destructive capacity: At least country (highest ranking member of the WandenReich under Yhwach, scaling above Lille Barro whom in base atempted to destroy a floating city with a rifle shot, snapped Ichigo's fullbring-bankai in base with a single casual slash), much higher as Night emperor (Yhwach's rest grants most of his powers to Jugram)

Durability: Likely country level (lacks durability showings, but should scale around to other top tiers), likely much higher as Night emperor

Speed: At least massively hypersonic+, likely sub-relativistic (should scale around or above Ichibei and base Yhwach)

Intelligence: Very high. Grand master of the Stern Ritter and second-in-command of the WandenReich. Shown to be calm and analytical, such as when he deduced the true nature of Yamamoto's bankai or as when he noticed that Aizen had made minor alterations with Yhwach's perception of time.

Stamina: High. Should be one of the highest in the series granted his tiering.

Standard equipment: Longsword and Quincy cross

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