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Origins: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 3: Stardust Crusaders)

Classification: Human, Stand user

Threat level: Dragon-

  • Jotaro is a great threat in short range combat, but is much less effective out of short range

Physical strength: Jotaro is peak human, Star Platinum has building level striking (hundreds of tons of strength), at least country+ level by accumulating damage during timestop

Destructive capacity: Jotaro is at least street level+, Star Platinum is city block, at least country level potency by accumulating damage during timestop

Durability: Jotaro is wall+, Star Platinum is at least large building+

Speed: Faster than light+ (At his prime was faster than most stands, even those who where already easily faster than light)

Intelligence: Genius. Like most JJBA protagonists, he is a superb tactician with great analytical capacity, skilled and experienced fighter.

Stamina: High. Most characters in JJBA have shown to be capable of keeping themselves in combat even when receiving life threatening wounds. It is worth noting he has to take pauses between his timestops though.

Standard equipment: None noteworthy.

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