Josuke jojolion crop

Origins: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 8: Jojolion)

Alias: Josuke, Gappy, Jo2uske

Classification: Human, Stand User

Threat level: Tiger+ (Plunder ignores conventional durability)


Gender: Male

Powers and Abilities: Bubble manipulation, Stealing of senses

Physical strength: Large building+

Destructive capacity: Large Building+ (Soft and Wet ignores conventional durability)

Durability: Large Building+

Speed: Hypersonic+ for Soft and Wet, Superhuman reflexes for Josuke

Intelligence: Very High

Stamina: High

Standard equipment: None

Noteworthy techniques and abilities

-Soft and wet The humanoid form of Soft & Wet first appears after a bubble emerging from under Josuke's birthmark on his shoulder bursts.

Plunder (プランダー Purandā?): According to its user, this Stand's primary ability is to "steal something from [an object] and take it for itself". Usually Josuke's bubbles must make contact with his target to do this.

Josuke can steal aspects or properties of inanimate and living things. Examples include:

  • A human's sight: After bursting near his eyes, Josuke's bubble completely blinds Joushuu for a few seconds.
  • The water contained in a human's body: With one bubble, Josuke covertly punctures several ~5mm holes in a woman's body in order to quickly drain her of water and provoke thirst.
  • Sound: Josuke steals the sound from a wall, preventing any noise that would have been caused upon breaking it.
  • A cat's fur: Seemingly without pain, Josuke removes the majority of a live cat's fur and relocates it, in the shape of a cat, in order to obscure the view of a security camera.
  • Friction: Josuke removes the friction from a floor, creating an ice-like slippery surface.

The quantity and sort of a thing Josuke may steal, how many discrete things, how long he may keep them, and how property that is not returned is redistributed is currently undefined. It may be that Josuke's bubbles can only come from the area of his birthmark, and that they may burst ineffectually on solid obstacles., while shaving, Josuke appears to discover the ability to maintain a great crowd of bubbles.

Apparently Soft & Wet's ability cannot be applied to its own user

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