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  JoJo's Bizarre Adventure commonly abbreviated as JJBA is the story of Joestar bloodline told across multiple parts each showing a different generation Joestar as the protagonist.

Currently there are 8 parts and its still ongoing.


JJBA as a verse is very, very broken, comparable to monstrously hax verses like Bastard!!, Medaka Box and ToAru. Part 1 and 2 are short and not too impressive power wise, but starting part 3 the concepts of Stands are introduced. What are Stands? They are spiritual manifestations which fight for there user, these Stands often being accompanied by extremely hax abilities and massive speeds (JJBA is notorious for having a plethora of FTL fighters). Some examples of those abilities would be: time manipulation, turning fiction to reality, gravity alteration, insta-kills, mind fuckery, and much more. High tier stands reaching insane abilities like: immortal flesh eater with potentially infinite stats if required (Notorious B.I.G.), accelerating time infinitely to restart the universe which thus makes everyone be in slow-motion in comparison to the flow of time while the user is the only one capable of moving normally (Stairway to Heaven) and of course Gold Experience Requiem's ability to turn everything to 0, including time or his necessity for strength to 0 as he does not require this for his ability to turn his opponent into 0.

Part 7 introduces Stands with multiversal range but the speed and strength of Stands drastically decreases. The series is currently at its 8 installment and thus still has plenty of room for growth as the author wants to apparently continue till the series has at least 9 or 10 parts.

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