Origins: 666 Satan

Classification: Created human ("Freedom" program), Kabbalah host

Threat level: Maoh+

  • Note that this profile is without taking Shin into account

Physical strength: Country+ striking strength (even as a kid his body being controlled by Satan was enough to lift a small mountain sized being with its extended claws and could compete with an island sized being)

Destructive capacity: At least country (A part of Satan's power was enough to totally destroy everything in a 50+ kilometer area), can ignore durability if a being is evil enough (Zero R attacks according to the evil of a being)

Durability: Country+

Speed: Relativistic+

Intelligence: High. As an adult he has shown to be quite smart, and is a skilled and experienced fighter.

Stamina: High. Can continue fighting even with life threatening wounds.

Standard equipment: O-part Zero R

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