Origins: Ginga Patrol Jako (Dragon Ball)

Classification: Alien, Space patrol member

Threat level: Tiger+, Maoh with the Extinction bomb, God+ with his Spaceship

Physical strength: At least large building+ striking (Kicked a spaceship for a considerable distance making it fall into the sea instead of crashing into the city)

Destructive capacity: Large building, life wiping with the Extinction bomb, at least planet+ with his Spaceships cannon (likely higher, not only did it shake the planet but it legitimately threatened base Gohan and Barry who was strong enough to give base Gohan trouble)

Durability: At least city block+

Speed: Hypersonic+, TransUniversal+ vision (He can perceive the movement of even top tiers to the point his gifted vision is considered something impressive even to Goku)

Intelligence: Above average. Considered incompetent by the Galactic Patrol, however that doesn't mean he is actually dumb compared to human standards. Is somewhat skilled as a fighter and knows how to operate decently complicated mechanisms like his galactic spaceship. Knows every language in his galaxy.

Standard equipment: Extinction bomb, Galactic patrolman pistol, Hikou boots (Capable of temporary flight)