Origins: Jackie Chan Adventures

Classification: Human martial artist, archaeologist and Section 13 agent

Threat level: Tiger in base, Maoh- with the Talismans

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, skilled martial artist, magic, immortality, regeneration, flight/levitation, telekinesis, invisibility, astral projection, dream possession, dragon fire manipulation, animation, shapeshifting, heat blast projection, thermal vision, yin-yang division.

Physical strength: Small building in base (Able to break steel and stone with his strikes and can fight characters that can do the same such as Hak Foo and Tohru), mountain+ with all the Talismans, possibly much higher.

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Small building in base, mountain+ with all the Talismans, possibly much higher (Can bypass durability with the Monkey and Sheep Talismans)

Durability: At least small building in base (Takes hits from superhuman characters frequently), mountain+ with the Talismans, possibly much higher. Immortality and regeneration makes him difficult to kill.

Speed: At least hypersonic+ reactions and attack speed in base (Able to somewhat react to Shendu), Massively hypersonic with the Talismans

Intelligence: High, skillful martial artist. Has a lot of experience fighting a wide variety of opponents.

Stamina: High, limitless with the Talismans.

Range: Melee, at least hundreds of meters with the Talismans.

Weaknesses: Tries to avoid conflict if possible.

Standard equipment: The Talismans from time to time. Has used an array of special items such as a suit of armor used to combat Dai Gui, most of these items were only used once though. Usually fights with pretty much whatever he can get his hands on.

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