Origins: One Piece

Classification: Human pirate, "Calamity", Devil fruit user (Zoan type, mamooth man)

Threat level: Dragon

Physical strength: Likely island level striking (Via scaling, is one of the strongest characters in the series so far via merit of being one of the top commanders of the Yonkou Kaidou)

Destructive capacity: At least island (via scaling)

Durability: At least island+ (via scaling, took attacks from Inuarashi and Nekomumashi without noteworthy damage)

Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (Via scaling. Should have observation haki which grants a sort of extra sense similar to spidey sense which lets him sense things slightly ahead of time. Could fight with Inuarashi and Nekomumashi whom are tiers above Carrot whom reacted to Zoro.)

Intelligence: Unknown for the most part, but likely high.

Stamina: Extremely high. Continued fighting for 5 days straigth against 2 opponents whom where shifting every 12 hours and individually could hold his own against him. And despite this he likely could still continue as he was still torturing them on the 6th day and without any major harm or struggling shown from his part.

Standard equipment: A couple of oddly curved blades

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