Origins: Boku no Hero Academia

Classification: Human, Quirk user, Hero in-training

Threat level: Wolf+

Physical strength: Peak human, easily up to large building using One For All quirk (however his body at the moment cant stand using much of the quirk's power)

Destructive capacity: Large building

Durability: Large building (Took blows from a villain whom had more strength than Deku's 100% One For All)

Speed: Peak human, at least faster than the eye can see+ using his quirk to boost his leg strength

Intelligence: High. Has studied hero related since his youth. After facing several life threatening situations which most students wouldnt face he has become of swift and sound judgement.

Stamina: Very high. Had to do strict training to make his body capable of withstanding his quirk, capable of fighting even with the pain of having damaged his body like hes done so a few times after using his quirk. Continued to engage in combat situations for an extended period despite heavy damage and broken arms. Continued using his arms despite their fractures during said event, even using One For All 1000000% on his broken arms at one point to deliver a final punch.

Standard equipment: Hero suit

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