Itachi full
Origins: Naruto

Classification: Human ninja

Threat level: Dragon

Physical strength: At least large building level striking, at least multi block+ with Susano'o

Destructive capacity: At least city+

Durability: At least city block+, at least city with Susano'o

Speed: At least massively hypersonic+ (In a speed tier comparable to KCM Naruto, Killer B and Nagato)

Intelligence: Genius. One of the greatest geniuses to exist in the prodigious Uchiha clan. Itachi was a natural prodigy in the shinobi arts, praised as the best of his generation. At age 7, Itachi graduated from the Academy at the top of his class; at age 8, he mastered the Sharingan; at age 10, he passed the Chūnin Exams; at age 11, he entered the Anbu; by age 13, he was promoted to Anbu captain. Naturally, he is very observant and analytical.

Stamina: Very high. Even on his death bed was able to have a long combat with Sasuke. Much higher in his prime.

Standard equipment: Ninja headband, kunai, shuriken, Akatsuki robe and ring

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