Origins: Raqiya

Classification: Human, God's vessel

Threat level: Maoh via feats, Celestial via hype

Physical strength: High human (can likely amp to cosmic levels)

Destructive capacity: Casually life wiper (stopped Earth from getting life wiped by simply uttering "stop"), likely universe+ (exact means unknown, but hes the vessel of the creator of the universe)

Durability: At least peak human (can likely amp to cosmic levels, the human body dying shouldnt actually harm God)

Speed: At least peak human (can likely amp indefinetely, likely passively under God's protection)

Intelligence: Originally low, however as God's vessel he should of obtained God's knowledge making him an enlightened existence above human comprehension (even far above that of advanced alien civilizations whom humans mistook for deities)

Stamina: Unknown, at least high. Likely massive seeing as he is the vessel of God's power.

Standard equipment: None unless you want to count God.

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