Origins: Bleach

Classification: Human

Threat level: Cub

Physical strength: Peak human (beat up several men by herself and can even carry one with one hand)

Destructive capacity: Street level

Durability: Likely peak human (should more or less be able to take what she can dish as with any normal human)

Speed: At least high human (Possibly higher, Ichigo struggled with her and even in his human body he is superhuman. However, this could possibly simply be for gag purposes.)

Intelligence: At least average. Succesfully runs her own business despite being a single mother and could easily notice the tension between Kugo Ginjo and Ichigo or when Ichigo was distressed in End of Bond chapters. For some reason she is also a skilled fighter.

Stamina: Above average. Can fight several men at once with little effort.

Standard equipment: None notable