Origins: Fight! Iczer-1

Classification: Alien, Chtuwulf, Iczer

Threat level: Quasar

Physical strength: At least planet+ (although there are few good strength showings, she was resisting the shockwaves from her clashes with Neos Gold that where destroying what where likely moons)

Destructive capacity: Multi solar system+ (During her fight with Neos Gold she created an explosion that covered a small part of the galaxy)

Durability: Multi solar system+ (Is comparable to Neos Gold whom survived Iczer's multi solar system level explosion in the beggining of the Iczer-3 OVA's)

Speed: Massively Faster Than Lightx (Usually just for travel and not for combat, but Iczer and co. have demonstrated capacity of travelling galactic distances in short timeframes)

Intelligence: Very high. Became leader of the Chtuwulf after Big Gold's defeat, and is the most skilled fighter in the series according to Iczer-2's claims.

Stamina: High. Has huge energy reserves and thus can continue fighting unless extremely damaged or completely emptied.

Standard equipment: None, although she can form an energy sword at will or call Iczer Robo at will (although apparently control to Iczer Robo is passed to Iczer-3 in Adventures with Iczer-3/Iczer Reborn)

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