Origins: One Piece

Classification: Fishman (great white shark), pirate

Threat level: Demon+

Physical strength: At least town+ striking (could hurt post-skip Luffy, launched a water drop with such force that it pierced straight through stone and continued flying for kilometers)

Destructive capacity: City block (at least town+ potency)

Durability: At least city (Took multiple blows from Luffy whom also implied Hody was extremely durable)

Speed: Massively hypersonic combat speed (his movement speed is higher underwater)

Intelligence: High. A deceptive and cunning individual willing to do anything to achieve his goals. During his time in the Neptune Army, he was recognized as a particularly talented soldier. As such, he gained knowledge and experience of combat techniques on the battlefield.

Stamina: High. Took multiple blows from Luffy and kept fighting.

Standard equipment: Trident, Kirisame (a blade he puts on his fin), energy steroids 

Hody 1