Origins: Dragon Ball Super

Classification: Alien, assassin

Threat level: Big bang+

Physical strength: At least galaxy+ level striking (Can compete with, and even overwhelm SSB Goku. Severely damaged Vegeta with his strikes. Furthermore, Hit attacks pressure points, making his blows even more efficient and deadly.)

Destructive capacity: At least nigh universe+ (potency comparable or superior to SSB during the Champa tournament arc)

Durability: At least universe (Can take attacks from Kaioken x10 SSB Goku)

Speed: At least TransUniversal

Intelligence: Genius. Best hitman in his universe earning him the nickname "The Flawless Hit". With over 1000 years of experience, he has grand insight and skill. Battle genius to the point he learned how to surpass his techniques limits simply by imitating Goku doing similar concepts.

Stamina: At least high. Fought Goku and Vegeta in succession with no sign of exhaustion. Not only that, but he also kept up with Kaioken x10 SSB Goku and used the combat as practice to surpass his own limitations.

Standard equipment: None notable