Hikage EV Portrait Render
Origins: Senran Kagura

Classification: Human ninja

Threat level: Tiger+

Physical strength: Multi block level striking (Scales to her rival Katsuragi whom can create craters of a few meters wide with the air pressure from her spinning kicks)

Destructive capacity: Multi block (Homura and Asuka desintigrate a building with a shockwave from their clash as early as the second game of the series)

Durability: Multi block (can take blows from Katsuragi and the other Senrans)

Speed: At least supersonic (Even Mirai uses gatling guns as her standard weaponry, furthermore theyre modified so theyre likely faster than real gatling guns. Shes an equal or inferior of Hikage, so she should scale from her.)

Intelligence: High.

Standard equipment: Military knife, knives, other ninja tools

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