Origins: Noein: To Your Other Self

Classification: Human, Dragon Torque (Ultimate Observer)

Threat level: Quantum+

Physical strength: Human (under average, has the strength of your average pre-teen female or slightly higher)

Destructive capacity: High multiverse+ (was setting back to 0 an infinitely expanding multiverse)

Durability: Dragon Torque protection is high multiverse+, however Haruka's body is only human

Speed: Human in all aspects for Haruka, Dragon Torque's however has automatic defenses which are likely immeasurable

Intelligence: Average, although should be able to see anything she wants after she gained controlled over the Dragon Torque's power.

Stamina: Average. However that is mostly irrelevant since using her powers doesnt take any heavy toll on her and she doesnt requiere any physical activity to use them so her stamina is usually a non-factor.

Standard equipment: None except her having/being the Dragon Torque

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