Hak Foo

Origins: Jackie Chan Adventures

Classification: Human martial artist, enforcer || Dark Chi Warrior || Oni General

Threat level: Tiger || Demon- || Tiger+

Powers and abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, skilled martial artist || Superhuman physical characteristics, immortality, teleportation, able to smell magic || Superhuman physical characteristics, immortality, can travel though shadows, able to summon an endless supply of Shadowkhan which can eat the shadows of living beings.

Physical strength: Small building (Comparable to Jackie and Tohru) || At least large building (manhandled Tohru, able to jump enormous distances, caused a small rock-slide with his "Thunder Fist" attack) || At least small building+ (his Shadow Eaters physical strength depends on how much shadow they have consumed and thus how big they have grown, one of his Shadow Eaters had ate enough to grow to the size of a large building)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Small building || At least large building (destroyed much of a forest by spinning like a tornado, caused a large explosion after jumping high into the air and then striking the ground upon descending) || At least small building+ (his Shadow Eaters ignore durability)

Durability: At least small building (can take blows from Jackie and Tohru) || At least large building (Jackie and Tohru were incapable of harming him in combat, Jackie hurt his fist on Zhen's body and Tohru threw a large boulder at Zhen which proceeded to break in half upon impact). Immortality also makes Zhen difficult to keep down, he'll simply dissipate once damaged sufficiently and transport back into Daolon Wong's staff. || At least small building+

Speed: At least hypersonic+ reactions and attack speed (comparable to Jackie), higher as Zhen and with the Oni Mask

Intelligence: High. Skillful martial artist, even dominated Jackie in their first fight.

Stamina: High.

Range: Melee || Extended melee range || Melee, likely planetary with Shadowkhan.

Weaknesses: None notable || None notable || His Oni Mask can be removed with the correct chi spell.

Standard equipment: The Talismans from time to time.

Keys: Base || Zhen || Oni Mask