Origins: Hungry Joker

Classification: Human-Mavro hybrid

Threat level: God+

Physical strength: Superhuman (unknown to what extent due to lack of feats, but being half Mavro his true physical capacity should be easily above human standards. Also hurt a Mavro with a punch in early series)

Destructive capacity: Likely planet+ (can make black holes of about half a meters size and control them), ignores dura when using Eden's apple of knowledge (he gains understanding and manipulation of everything in his sight seeing them as simple formulas, with this he was able to dissolve a being whom had just previously snuffed out a black hole)

Durability: At least building (mostly unknown, he didn't receive much quantifiable damage in his series run)

Speed: Faster than the eye, likely much higher (possesses high level gravity manipulation which he could thus use to move much faster), relativistic reactions (reacted to lasers made of actual light)

Intelligence: At least genius. One of the world's best scientist whom despite his young age is so acknowledged that his sponsors provide huge amounts of money without second thought. Is also a capable fighter shown by effectively applying his intellect in combat.

Standard equipment: Newton's apple, Pills containing his allies abilities and could thus transform Newton's apple into Eden's apple of knowledge

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