Origins: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 7: Steel Ball Run)

Classification: Human, Stand user

Threat level: Wolf+

Physical strength: Peak human for Gyro, around wall level for his Ball Breaker

Destructive capacity: Wall+, however performing his semi-perfect ignores durability to an extent

Durability: Superhuman

Speed: Superhuman+ reactions, nail shots are far faster, his Ball Breaker shots are likely supersonic

Intelligence: Very high. As all JJBA protagonists Gyro has shown to be very perceptive and considerably smart, effectively applying this in combat. Cornered Funny Valentine despite Funny already all having all of the Corpse parts and left Johnny the hints necessary to achieve victory against Funny.

Stamina: High. Has taken several bullets directly and kept on fighting.

Standard equipment: His horse needed to perform his semi-perfect golden rectangle, iron balls

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