Gon dino

Origins: Gon

Classification: Dinosaur (young Tyrannosaurus Rex of unexplained origins)

Threat level: God

Physical strength: Planet (when angered enough according to his game which follows his daily life after the manga he splits the planet in half)

Destructive capacity: Planet (His planet splitting is done purely with his physical strength)

Durability: Likely planet (Never actually got truly damaged in the series and he doesn't even have a health bar in his game so its most likely that he can stand as much as he can dish out)

Speed: Faster than the eye normally (can severely outspeed animals like lions), Hypersonic+ bursts (blitzed a seagull's movements all the way from the sea to the clouds), relativistic at peak (going by him running across the earth in a second or less to split it in the game)

Intelligence: As an animal he is quite driven by his natural impulses but he is also capricious. His intelligence is actually quite high for an animal, proving himself a quick learner and of considerable wits several times. However he has been shown to be oblivious to his surroundings when he isn't paying attention, such as sleeping through a hurricane or having a birds nest on his head without notice for enough time for the chicks to grow since they weren't causing any disturbance worth Gon's notice.

Stamina: Very high. Gon is extremely perseverant, never showing fully drained nor an upper limit to how much he can withstand.

Standard equipment: None

Noteworthy techniques and abilities

  • Gon's attacks arent named since hes an animal

Bite: Gon bites the opponent. He can also follow this with actions like tossing or slamming his opponent with his mouth acting as leverage.

Headbutt: Gon headbutts the opponent

Tackle: Gon charges at the opponent and then launches himself with a headbutt

Tail whip: Gon can use his tail to provide strong blows

Stomp: Gon stomps the opponent

Planet splitting: Gon runs in a straight line at massive speeds crossing the planet in a second or less thus splitting the planet in half from the force generated

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