Origins: Dragon Ball movies

Classification: Saiya-jin(Saiyan), Fusion/Fused being

Threat level: Big Bang-

Physical strength: At least multi solar system+ striking (Severely damaged Omega Shenron with casual punches, a kick from his part is easily comparable or stronger than some of Omega Shenron's strongest attacks)

Destructive capacity: Likely galaxy+ (It was stated that the Shadow Dragons had already destroyed a galaxy in the past without them being as powerful as they where currently and Gogeta is massively stronger than even Omega whom holds all their powers combined and amplified into a single being)

Durability: Likely galaxy+ (Can tank Omega's strongest attacks, going as far as calling one of his special techniques that could allegedly destroy anything in the universe a "massage")

Speed: Likely relativistic+ travel, at least MFTLx combat (able to hit a rushing Omega Shenron in the face 3 times casually without Omega Shenron being able to react nor see the attacks)

Intelligence: High. Is a fusion which holds some of the best attributes of both Goku and Vegeta, the two greatest battle genius in the universe. However despite being a battle genius with plenty of experience and no comparison in his verse, he also suffers from a somewhat inconsistant attitude and arrogance, which made him lose track of the limits of his overly powerful and limited fusion which made him run out of time before finishing off Omega.

Stamina: Very high. Showed no signs of exhaustion during his fight with Omega Shenron, and can mantain SSJ4 without effort. Even when as just Goku and Vegeta he can in base go training for days straight, can also maintain Super Saiya-jin for days if he isn't required to waste considerable amounts of energy, can mantain SSJ4 with little to no effort and has survived massive punishment from foes like Baby and Super 17. As Gogeta, this should obviously be even higher.

Standard equipment: None notable. He pulled out some party items out of pretty much nowhere, but since Goku and Vegeta obviously dont carry those around for combat he either likely got them at massive super speeds without anyone noticing, fabricated them with some sort of ki or reality warping as several other characters have done before in the series, or might just be an inconsistent gag scene.

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