Origins: One Piece

Classification: Birkan (humanoid race native to Skypiea), Devil fruit user (Logia type, lightning man), (former) "God" of Skypiea

Threat level: Demon+

Physical strength: Large building level striking

Destructive capacity: Town+, island+ with Raigou (a single blast destroyed a small island, he intended to knock down the entirety of Skypiea with it)

Durability: At least multi block (logia intangibility makes him much harder to kill, furthermore he can also restart his heart with his electrical abilities)

Speed: Hypersonic+, massively hypersonic with usage of his lightning abilities

Intelligence: Very high. Despite his God complex, Enel is actually a very smart, analytical and aware individual. He is an expert user of his devil fruit powers, and possesed the insight and mechanical knowledge to build his ship (Maxim) which makes usage of them. His mantra makes this even more notorious as by combining observation haki and his electrical abilities, he can read the electromagnetic waves in a determined range. With this he can overhear anything in said range and basically even read the mind of opponents close enough.

Stamina: High. Can effortlessly fight multiple fighters at once.

Standard equipment: His golden staff, Nonosama Bō. The arc Maxium (although this isnt something he literally always has with him, but instead a ship he was making)