Gilgamesh 1

Origins: Fate/Stay Night (Nasuverse/Type-Moon)

Classification: Demi-God, Archer-class Servant, Gilgamesh-class Servant, Heroic Spirit, King of Uruk, King of Heroes

Threat level: God+ || Nova+

Physical strength: At least city (Has B rank strength) || At least large planet

Destructive capacity: Mountain+ with Gate of Babylon (His most powerful treasures can easily kill Berserker, the weapons he shot through Gigantic Horror were described as mountain shattering, several of his treasures ignore durability to an extent), at least small island+ with uncharged Enuma Elish (Destroyed Riders Reality Marble and easily overpowered Excalibur), planet level with fully charged Enuma Elish (Ea is an Anti-World Noble Phantasm, capable of destroying Gaia's Reality Marble and overpowering Akhilleus Kosmos, which embodies the World. Would have destroyed the World when used in Fate Strange/Fake without Enkidu's intervention. More powerful than Ishtar whom can fire the concept of Venus. Enuma Elish also ignores conventional durability to an extent by tearing foes apart with a space-time dislocation that affects those without the concept of death) || At least large planet (Portrayed as the strongest Heroic Spirit, far stronger than the likes of Kiara who can grow bigger than the Earth), much higher with Enuma Elish, likely star+ (Destroyed the Earth seven times in his fight with Enkidu in Fate Strange/Fake) 

Durability: At least city, mountain+ with armor (Has innate magic resistance more power than Saber's armor, tanked multiple hits from bloodlusted Saber and was only broken by a point-blank Excalibur blast) || At least large planet (Can survive Kiara's Noble Phantasm and take hits from characters such as Enkidu) 

Speed: At least hypersonic+ || MFTL+

Intelligence: Genius, an exceptionally intelligent individual who has amassed a great amount of knowledge and wisdom from his time as a ruler and adventurer. Sha Nagba Imuru allows him to see all possible outcomes, thus allowing him to always make the correct move and discern aspects of his opponents. However he chooses to constantly keep it restrained for his own entertainment, he also refuses to go all out against most opponents due to believing himself to be far superior which typically leads to his defeat.

Stamina: Very high, fought with Enkidu for several days while going all out.

Standard equipment: Gate of Babylon, Ea, Enkidu, Vimana, Armor

Key: Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night || Fate/Extra CCC with Mythic Formal Wear (Mooncell only) / Gilgamesh's original form as a Heroic Spirit