Origins: Street Fighter

Classification: Human martial artist

Threat level: Dragon, Dragon+ in his prime

Physical strength: Likely island (At least close to Akuma in striking strength, they've fought each other in heated battles before, although Akuma decided to leave once he noticed Gen was ill)

Destructive capacity: Likely island

Durability: Island (Survived even Akuma's ultimate attack)

Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (Capable of keeping pace in a fight with Akuma even while ill)

Intelligence: Very high. A master assassin with dozens of years of experience and at least hundreds of kills to his merit. One of the oldest and strongest masters in the world and thus also one of the wisest and most skilled, having even prodigious fighters like Chun-Li being his inferior (and by far) in their respective art.

Stamina: High. Can fight Akuma for extended periods and even survive his strongest attack despite being terminally ill.

Standard equipment: None.

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