Origins: OnePunch-Man

Classification: Human

Threat level: Demon+, eventually Dragon. Maoh+ as a Monster.

Physical strength: At least town+ level striking (above the lower S class heroes), mountain+ level striking when he surpasses his limits vs Superalloy Darkshine (was able to defeat Darkshine who is the physically strongest of the S class), at least continent level in his monster form (lacks exact strength feats but he became a God class threat based on pure strength and should be physically superior to Lord Boros)

Destructive capacity: Large building (town+ potency or higher), at least continent level potency as Monster Garou, likely higher

Durability: At lesst continent, likely higher (scales around Lord Boros)

Speed: At least hypersonic+ as a human (and in continuous growth depending on the point of the series hes from), likely sub-relativistic+ as a monster (is the character whom has best fared against Saitama in h2h as due to Garou's speed and skill as a fighter he was able to somewhat predict Saitama's casual attacks the moment he started the movement for the attack, thus making it possible for Garou to dodge and even counter)

Intelligence: Very high. He is specially gifted in combat, in which he masters any style he practices in pretty much record timeframes. He has learn a great variety of different styles this way and is capable of constantly surpassing his own limits making him effectively a combat genius.

Stamina: High as human, extremely high in monster form. Can constantly surpass his own limits if pushed to the edge. As a monster he was able to take his arm and face being destroyed and continue fighting, however he did start losing strength after this.

Standard equipment: None.

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